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suzy k quinn

Author of bestselling comedy. Weaver of dreams. Have possibly written more books than I've read.


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bestseller course for authors

Learn the secrets of writing bestselling fiction and launch your career as an author.

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my books

laugh out loud
romantic comedy

I had a baby with a man-child. Can I find love again?
You just watch me!


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don't tell teacher

Tom's started a new school, and I'm frightened. My ex can't know where we are ...

the ivy lessons

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dark romance

Teacher plus student equals forbidden passion

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master of the house

Tom's started school. And I'm frightened. Does my ex know where we are?

huxley sparks
book of secrets

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FOR kids / YA

A magical (and quite funny) mystery for children aged 8-12. Adults love this too.

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FOR kids / YA

queen bee

Scarlett has started a new school. She wants to make friends. Good luck with that ...

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