Coaching for writers

Writing is the funnest job on the planet. But ALL writers question themselves, wonder if they're good enough and criticise their own work. I've sold nearly 1 million books, and I still do it!

The truth is, you are what you believe yourself to be. And I'm here to help you believe in yourself. I offer one-to-one coaching to get you where you want to be. And also to help you enjoy where you are right now.

Developmental Editing

I LOVE reading unpublished manuscripts. After writing so many of my own books, it's an absolute joy to sit back and assess someone else's work. I offer plot, character and structural advice, and suggestions about audience, genre and publication. Note - I don't take on many manuscripts for editing, but if I like the look of yours and I have the time, then I'd love to work with you.

Manuscript appraisal and publishing advice

Sometimes, all you really need is someone to read your manuscript and tell you what to do next. Do you need more creative writing classes? To work on your grammar? To take a course? To work on your style, plot or characters? And if so, how? I can answer all these questions and more. Get in touch, and if I have availability I'd love to be a team member on your journey.


Want to see if I can help you? Get in touch to learn more.

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